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Don't share your personal data

Miscota never will send you any kind of email or call asking for your passwords or accounts data, credit card codes. If someone contacts you with that intention, don't ask them and please send us back this information to Miscota immediately. So we will proceed about the incident.

Verify the Fake Emails (attempts of 'spoofing' o 'phishing')

  • Ignore every email that asks for personal data or that makes you click into another website different to Miscota. Moreover if the payment has to be outside Miscota website. That should be an attempt of phishing and you have to consider it fraudulent.
  • Miscota use the endings "" for the emails. If you receive another ending, you can be sure that it is a fake email.
  • Some emails which practice phishing contains links to sites that use the word "Miscota" in its URL, but it's a website absolutely different. To realize that before clicking, you can displace the mouse over the link and you will see the URL associated. Probably will be in a different format than the originals ones from Miscota.
  • If even checking that you click into the email that practice phishing and you land into a site that seems to be "your profile" or seems that you have to verify or modify your personal data. Just ignore it and consider them fraudulent.
Inform us about the attempts of 'phishing'
  • Send an email to [email protected] with the fake email. This action will help us to locale its origin.
Protect your Password:
  • Passwords distinguish between capital and regular letters, and it contains a minimum of six characters. If you add numbers or special characters, you will have a better password because will be more difficult to guess.
  • If you use a public computer (libraries, cybercafés...) remember to logout your session in Miscota as soon as you finish.
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