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  • Published by on 30/04/2023

    My USA Grandkitty loves these!!

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  • Published by on 17/01/2022

    My rabbit like it very much

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  • Published by on 20/06/2017

    This decoration is great, I have mine in a 105L tank with livebearers (mollies, swordtails) and baby weather loaches. They seem to like the tunnel like construction in the stone. The colours become really vibrant with a green backround or many green plants in the tank.

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  • Published by on 23/04/2016

    This is the best toothpaste for dogs, I have tried loads but nothing compares to this product by gimdog. Since moving from Spain to the UK 3 years ago I have struggled to get this product. But since finding this website and the fantastic service I will not hesitate to use again. One extremely happy customer with one very greatfull yet fussy chihuahua lol

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  • Published by on 07/07/2015

    Awful product....My cat wouldn't even come near.....It's far from something natural or healthy.I wouldn't suggest it in no way!!!!!

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