JBL MicroCalcium

Calcium powder to sprinkle on feeder insects  Pure microfine calcium < 3ì size, increased static adherence.  Upgrades all feeder animals  Fast adsorption through microfine particles with large surface.  Guarantees excell ... See full description


  • 2x25 ml 276kr 5.520kr/L

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  • x1 276kr 276kr/unit
  • x2 -6kr 546kr 270kr last unit
  • x3 -8kr 820kr 268kr last unit
  • x5 -14kr 1.366kr 262kr last unit

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Features JBL MicroCalcium

  • Reference4014162073440
  • Weight100 gr
  • BrandJBL
  • TypeMinerals
  • Format2x25 ml

Description JBL MicroCalcium

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