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Among the many dog accessories that you are going to find in the catalog of Miscota, there is one that is absolutely essential and also eventually become a hallmark of the animal. It is dog collars.

Dog collars for safety and for training

Dog collars are born with a very clear purpose: to walk with our pet collared taking her with a dog leash . But from there, these necklaces are something else. Become an identifying feature of our dog, because you can find dog collars in various types of materials, colors and with different appearances, even if you want you can choose up to personalized necklaces, so your pet is unique and distinct the other neighborhood dogs.

But beyond the aspect of this element, always keep in mind its functionality. That is to say, it is a safety element. And it can also serve as training collar , with which educate our pet in his more youthful and rebellious phase, and even also will see necklaces punishment either the type of strangulation or electric collar type, both apparently very aggressive the dog, but really practical to correct their behavior. It is made necklaces with training criteria and not torture, which are very sensitive to their manufacturers, which are as prestigious brands like Trixie or Muscat. And in that same line you will find also anti barking collars , muzzles for dogs or clickers to accustom them to obey by the peculiar sound of this accessory for dogs.

More uses: flea collars and leave travel

In our shop online animals we have seen that the collars have a security role and education of animal. But there may be more uses. One is regarding your health because you will find flea collars and other parasites of different brands, some specialized in pharmacy as Scalibor or Bayer and other specialized in pets as Friskies. Anyway, all looking to the health of your dog is guaranteed in this regard.

An anti flea necklace is designed only to protect from attack by parasites, it is not made to hold the dog by a leash. It is necessary that the animal continues to have a collar, and even a harness, much more useful when we travel with our dog, because, like people, pets must bring their own seat belts.

Dog collars for every taste

However, it is obvious that the canine collars have another important determining factor, not so much the dog itself and for their masters: aesthetics. The brands that manufacture this type of accessories they know well and have very broad catalogs with models in various formats. Check it out to showcase that we propose. Here you are going to find everything for your pet, and of course endless necklace models, including insurance is the most appropriate for your dog.

The first thing to assess is the size and strength of your can. Neither are the dog collars large than for small. Logically for a small dog can play with different materials such as wetsuits in fanciful colors like those available in Ferplast certainly ideal for retractable leashes as the Flexi which allow you in a state of semi freedom to smaller dogs.

However for large dogs collars to be more resilient, given the weight, and therefore the strength of the animal. In our pet shop you have metal chain necklaces available and there are also different models of fur collars, many with interior padding for comfort reinforcement of can. If there internally padded collars, leather collars are other outside of which appear jewelery ornaments. Yes, jewelry. Some details of elegance for our dog, whether big or small, and that brands like Karlie Flamingo strive to perform in any dog collars, for owners to make your pet know that they are their real jewels.

lighting Necklaces

However, if what is sought is to provide a bright necklace true, then we must choose the glow necklaces . In some cases they can be neoprene collars that incorporate reflective strips, and in other cases are necklaces of light achieved by LED devices. Both types will find models in the catalog Alcott house. And another specializing in accessories dog as Trixie brand offers you a necklace silicone ability to recharge via USB cable, so that your dog collar available that intermittently emits a flash of light.

One way or another, they are all examples of how technology has also reached the world of pets. And of course, all these glow necklaces are completely safe for your dog, and is completely ruled out the possibility of any electric shock. And yet, what is guaranteed is that you can walk around your pet outdoors and at night, knowing at all times where you are, which is smelling and where is running.

The dog leashes, the necessary complement necklace

A necklace is little more than an ornament if not available a strap to go for a walk with our dog. And the same brands that have cited other as Vitakraft, Ruffwear or Arquivet have straps available to match these necklaces. That is, there are metal, leather, neoprene, plastic, extensible, etc., etc. Dogs in our shop you will find countless models, choose the one you like and more suited to the conditions and size of your dog.