Flatazor Protect Digest

Protect digest is a complete dog food for dogs with recurring digestive problems, sensitive digestive systems, or intolerance to certain ingredients/nutrients.AGE : AdultCHARACTERISTICS : Digestion problemsWEIGHT : Any weightBenefitsEasily digestible ...


  • 2 KG 218kr 109kr/KG
  • 12 KG 982kr 82kr/KG

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  • x5 -11kr 1.079kr 207kr last unit
  • x1 982kr 982kr/unit
  • x2 -20kr 1.944kr 962kr last unit
  • x3 -29kr 2.917kr 953kr last unit
  • x5 -49kr 4.861kr 933kr last unit

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Ingredients Flatazor Protect Digest

Dehydrated chicken, duck and turkey proteins. Dehulled oats. Tapioca. Rice. Duck fat. Apple fibres. Egg. Linseed. Corn gluten. Animal protein hydrolysates. Fish autolysates (1%). Brewer’s yeast. Fennel seeds. Fructo-oligosaccharides. Sea salt. Artichoke. Rosemary. Bushwillow. Boldo. Tumeric. Vegetable carbon. Clay. Rosemary extracts. Preservatives. Vitamins and trace elements.

Features Flatazor Protect Digest

  • Reference3269878800205
  • Weight12 KG, 2 KG
  • BrandFlatazor
  • Product RangeFlatazor Protect
  • Physical ActivityAverage
  • Nutritional ConditionsHypoallergenic Products
  • AgeAdult
  • Special CaresDigestive
  • Quantity12 Kg, 2 Kg
  • Dog SizeNot Specific
  • Type of FoodFeed

Description Flatazor Protect Digest

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