Imac Maddy Grey Cat Toilet Seat



Charcoal filter and shovel included. Front hinged door for easy cleaning. Support platform for entry and exit. Also suitable for large cats. The litter box is your cat's toilet and is the closest thing to how cats, in the wild, do their business. The ...


  • 62x49,5x47,5 cm 652kr 21kr/M

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  • x1 652kr 652kr/unit
  • x2 -13kr 1.291kr 639kr last unit
  • x3 -20kr 1.936kr 632kr last unit
  • x5 -33kr 3.227kr 619kr last unit

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Features Imac Maddy Grey Cat Toilet Seat

  • Reference8021799416256
  • BrandImac
  • ColorsGreys
  • Units1
  • Tray ShapeSquares
  • Size62x49,5x47,5 cm
  • Product TypeCovered Sandboxes

Description Imac Maddy Grey Cat Toilet Seat

Kolfilter och spade ingår. Dörr med gångjärn på framsidan för enkel rengöring. Stödplattform för att komma in och ut. Passar även för stora katter.

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