Hantu Adult Sterilised Chicken



Hantu Adult Sterilised Chicken is designed for sterilised adult cats.   Made with top quality natural ingredients, Hantu Adult Sterilised is a premium food that will provide your cat with a complete and balanced diet, giving it all the nutrien ...


  • 2 KG 211kr 106kr/KG
  • 4 KG 353kr 88kr/KG
  • 6 KG 435kr 73kr/KG
  • 8 KG 576kr 72kr/KG
  • 12 KG 846kr 71kr/KG

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  • x1 211kr 211kr/unit
  • x2 -4kr 418kr 207kr last unit
  • x3 -6kr 627kr 205kr last unit
  • x5 -11kr 1.044kr 200kr last unit
  • x1 353kr 353kr/unit
  • x2 -7kr 699kr 346kr last unit
  • x3 -11kr 1.048kr 342kr last unit
  • x5 -18kr 1.747kr 335kr last unit
  • x1 435kr 435kr/unit
  • x2 -9kr 861kr 426kr last unit
  • x3 -13kr 1.292kr 422kr last unit
  • x5 -22kr 2.153kr 413kr last unit
  • x1 576kr 576kr/unit
  • x2 -12kr 1.140kr 564kr last unit
  • x3 -17kr 1.711kr 559kr last unit
  • x5 -29kr 2.851kr 547kr last unit
  • x1 846kr 846kr/unit
  • x2 -17kr 1.675kr 829kr last unit
  • x3 -25kr 2.513kr 821kr last unit
  • x5 -42kr 4.188kr 804kr last unit

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Ingredients Hantu Adult Sterilised Chicken

Fresh chicken 33%. Dehydrated chicken protein 27%. Rice 13%. Maize 12%. Maize gluten 10%. Hydrolysed chicken liver 2,5%. Rice protein. Beet pulp. Vegetable fibres (cellulose). Chicken oil. Potato protein. yeast. Fish oil. Sodium chloride. Sodium polyphosphates. Inulin (Fructo-oligosaccharides). Mannan-oligosaccharide. Potassium chloride. Citrus extracts. Yucca Schidigera. Protein of animal origin 80% of total protein.

Features Hantu Adult Sterilised Chicken

  • Natural ingredients

  • Urinary care

  • Top quality fresh meat

  • Good digestive health

  • Reference8413037335274
  • Weight800 GR, 12 KG, 2 KG, 4 KG, 6 KG, 8 KG
  • Nutritional ConditionsNatural,
  • AgeAdult
  • FlavorChicken,
  • Special CaresHair Care, Hair antibolas, Articular Care, Sterilized, , , ,
  • BrandHantu
  • Made inSpain

Description Hantu Adult Sterilised Chicken

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Es bastante completo y les sienta genial.


Calidad precio muy bueno


Bom produto

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