Cunipic Parakeet Citrus Sticks

Delicious, complimentary crunchy bar made up of tasty seeds and citrus fruits, and baked with a double layer of smooth honey. <br/ >Specifically prepared for budgies.Hang the bar inside the cage, to prevent it from getting dirty. <br/ >Fe ...


  • 60 GR 43kr 717kr/KG

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Ingredients Cunipic Parakeet Citrus Sticks

Citrus fruits (4,1%), grains, seeds, bakery products, vegetable by-products, honey (4,1%), oils and fats, sugars and minerals. Each bar contains artificial colourings and preservatives (EU approved).

Features Cunipic Parakeet Citrus Sticks

  • Reference8437009971970
  • Weight60 GR
  • Type of BirdParakeet
  • BrandCunipic
  • Bird TypeParakeets
  • Type of Snack

Description Cunipic Parakeet Citrus Sticks

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